Amy drives technologies, products, and experiences to use business as a force for good in the US and abroad.

During 10+ years in nonprofit work, Amy helped 90-year-old jazz musicians survive in the modern music economy, built a grassroots movement under an activist who helps sex slaves in Cambodia to escape their nightmare, helped build a crowdfunding platform leveraging personal video to scale the face-to-face ask, and co-launched a women's health campaign calling for broader access to abortion medication. 

All of these initiatives shared one thing: problem-solving for social change does not come from online tech alone.

Amy is cofounder and Chief Impact Officer of Journey, an public benefit corporation creating immersive travel experiences designed to transform both the communities they visit and the travelers they engage. In 18 months, nearly 500 Journeyers have built 125 homes for families, plus refurbished schools, aided refugees, and erected a skate park for underserved youth. Every travel experience integrates the challenge and perspective shift of impact work with 2-3 days of mindfulness, surf and yoga, workshops and shared meals. 

A Journey is what happens when a service trip, wellness retreat, and backpacker's adventure had a baby.