photo courtesy of Shawnta at    The Jane Club

photo courtesy of Shawnta at The Jane Club


I do many things in the world, all guided by a few core values: giving & receiving love, helping others to have a voice and a choice, and examining the nature of our reality instead of just living in it.

Throughout 12+ years in social justice work, I helped elder jazz musicians survive in the modern music economy (, built a grassroots movement around an anti-sex slavery activist, helped scale a video-driven crowdfunding platform and raise $4M for causes, and co-launched a women's health campaign calling for broader access to abortion pills for self-managed abortions in the US (, including a digital platform that now gets 50K hits/month. 

In 2016 I cofounded Journey, a public benefit corporation creating conscious travel experiences designed to transform both the communities they visit and the travelers they engage. In 2 years, 600 Journeyers built 150 homes, refurbished schools, worked with refugees, and built a skate park for underserved youth.  

After years of creating digital communications, producing experiences, and being an unofficial computer geek, I started to build websites for friends. This has grown into my current company called Eyes Open Design, dedicated to amplifying good information and big ideas for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, activists, and brands. I find it incredibly creative and fun, and I love the people I get to work with.

I am a lifelong musician, from piano at age 6 to choirs and a cappella groups for the 20 years that followed. I served as music director at UC Berkeley’s summer camp, played in Brooklyn’s indie rock scene with the Mia Riddle Band, helped lead the Sirens of Brooklyn indie rock womens’ chorus, and wrote for my own band Sidecar. I launched a guerilla-style music series ( that went on to feature 100+ acts in living rooms, rooftops and on subway trains. In 2017, I co-created Formerly Alien: an immersive music project that takes place on a ship after earth has been destroyed.
I live, work, and love in Los Angeles, CA.